I've been waiting a long time for a naked-eye comet. The last comet that I photographed was 2015, and it wasn't nearly this bright.  This was going to be bright enough to take a single photo of the comet in the landscape. The question was what to photograph it with.

I tried photographing it with the Ravenel bridge, but the lights were too much to really see the comet. There were a couple of potentially good options. I knew of a couple of places that might make for a good photograph, and they were in the middle of nowhere. The problem - they were in the middle of nowhere! I eventually chose the Sullivans Island lighthouse, and it turned out ok.

I got out there around 10pm on a Saturday night and there were no clouds, but the air was really thick with humidity. Unfortunately, the lights on the house next door were really bright, and I was shooting toward Charleston's sky glow. But that was the composition I chose, and I'm satisfied with it.

A week or so later, the Post and Courier newspaper had the night sky, or more specifically comet NEOWISE as the the subject of their weekly photo contest, so I sent my photo in. It didn't win, but it was published, along with the winner, in last Sunday's paper.