how i got the shot


I’ve been rewatching some photography videos, and they’re always talking about working the scene in order to get the best shot possible, so I thought I would try to illustrate how I did that and ended up with this photo.

We already have the potential for a nice scene going on here, but how to photograph it? I’ve shot it straight on before, when I wanted to be in the shot, but this doesn’t work this time.


I happened to be on the floor and noticed how clean the background in the reflection was, and thought I should use a lower angle.

This one was looking promising, but I realized that you could see the air conditioning return vent in the background.


This one was almost perfect, except for the glare on the framed photograph coming from the windows in the door. I need to do something about that.

After hanging a fleece over the windows in the door, the scene is about as good as it’s going to get. As a bonus I like the painting by my grandmother and my grandfather’s clock in the background, and I don’t really mind the storm glass and the cat calendar on the shelf, because you really can’t tell what they are.