Pawleys Island Milky Way


I spent last weekend at the beach, with plans to photograph the milky way. Recently I bought the Tamron 14mm f/2.8 lens, and I wanted to try it out with my Canon 6D, which I bought months ago, but haven't used regularly.

When photographing the sky, there's a formula that tells you how long you can expose for without the stars trailing. It's 500 divided by focal length equals the length of exposure in seconds. Based on that info, the 6D and 14mm lens should be able to take exposures of 35 seconds, but when I tried 30 seconds, I noticed some trailing, so I cut back to 25 seconds, and I was happy.

Being the first images I have taken with this camera, I was very impressed with the illumination of foreground, despite not having anything lighting it, as well as the absence of noise, despite the high ISO and long exposure.